OSF1 Gform

7 British / female / author / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: I receive compliments from Japanese people a lot / In Britain we are not good at accepting compliments. We always try to downplay them. 8 Canadian / female / homemaker / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: kept saying how pretty my daughter was / "Not like her, she looks like an old shoe." / the aversion to bragging goes to the other extreme 9 Hungarian / female / research student / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: they are too quick to compliment. It’s like if they aren’t really thinking about me, it’s just a social ritual.

Cultural Pattern B: I don't feel they are sincere

Cultural Pattern B: say that their child plays a sport well

Cultural Pattern B: none

10 Japanese / male / salesperson / has lived in Australia and the UAE Cultural Pattern A: When I am complimented, I try to be humble and turn it into a laugh by making a joke Cultural Pattern B:

In Australia and the U.S., I have the impression that many people say "thank you" when they receive a compliment

11 Japanese / female / career counselor / has lived in France and Morocco Cultural Pattern A:

Cultural Pattern B: talked about themselves and people associated with them

I myself felt more comfortable with Belgian colleagues who were more reserved in the way they spoke about themselves. 12 Japanese / male / student / has lived in the US Cultural Pattern A: I would say that I am rather modest when introducing myself.

Cultural Pattern B: In the US, I find some people quite extreme in how much they show of themselves / I find people who constantly brag about themselves quite annoying.



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