OSF5 Gform

OSF5 Gform

Suggested Answers for ONE STEP FURTHER Activities (Google Form)


Here are some example answers for the Google form.

1 Australian / female / marketing manager / has lived in the UK and Japan Cultural Pattern A: I was happy to be invited to join the basketball team, because it was my favorite sport Cultural Pattern B:

I later realized just how important seniority in age is in a Japanese team environment.

2 Hungarian / female / hotel staff / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: I couldn’t really afford to do as an exchange student

Cultural Pattern B: Not only did we have three practices a week in different campuses, the attendance was mandatory / the Japanese students really spent all their free time (and sometimes school time) on the group’s activities / how much passion and effort the students put into them / that feeling made up for all the hardships I experienced

3 Swedish / male / educator / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: I think that the dedication and commitment of time to school clubs in Japan is extreme 4 New Zealander / male / professor / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: Most ordinary students would never do this because they would fail all their classes!

Cultural Pattern B: Students devote themselves completely to something for three or sometimes six years, practicing before and after school and all weekend

Cultural Pattern B: dedicate their life to clubs

5 French / female / teacher / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: to have fun and play with the students

Cultural Pattern B: From 9 am to 2 pm -that’s seven hours of club time / the boredom that students sometimes experience at clubs is supposed to prepare them for the boredom and alienation of the working world. Not having a day off and "suffering together," for example, is the norm



6 American / female / professor / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: For me, the decision was not hard. If academics are your priority, then quit the team! / My son was on board with that. He quit.

Cultural Pattern B: he could study while he was on the bus going to tournaments and in between games / It was hard for him, socially ー team members who had been besties no longer talking to him

7 Japanese / female / career consultant / has lived in France Cultural Pattern A: none

Cultural Pattern B: I had to attend practice every day, and sometimes we had to go away on weekends for games / It was the frst time I had ever experienced such hierarchical relationships.



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