OSF7 Gform

OSF7 Gform

Suggested Answers for ONE STEP FURTHER Activities (Google Form)


Here are some example answers for the Google form.

1 Chinese / female / office worker / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: Intellectually, I am attracted to the idea that partners in a relationship need to talk in order to understand each other

Cultural Pattern B: maybe in reality what I really want is for my husband to guess my needs. It makes me feel loved / As for older generations in my home country, I am pretty sure that they don't value discussion between spouses. In traditional Chinese culture, people are shy about expressing their needs.

2 American / male / university teacher / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: I think it’s OK that my partner can’t guess my needs, but she should be open to my opinions or requests. I believe that partners should always articulate their needs / I just want her to say what she wants 3 Australian / male / sports coach / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: My Australian wife and I always talk about things if there are any issues. We also share our needs with each other so that we understand each other on a better level. 4 Spanish / male / university lecturer / lives in Spain Cultural Pattern A: open and honest communication is vital in keeping it strong.

Cultural Pattern B: I think my Japanese wife is more of the opinion that if you really care for someone, you should be able to intuit their needs / I sometimes feel like she wants me to be a mind-reader

Cultural Pattern B: none

Cultural Pattern B: none

5 Japanese / female / jewellery artisan / has lived in Australia Cultural Pattern A: none

Cultural Pattern B: doesn’t need to spell things out in so much detail / being too analytical takes some of the romance out of a relationship.



6 Croatian / female / research student / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern C: We do have some friends in common

Cultural Pattern D: It can be surprisingly diffcult to get him to meet my friends.

7 French / female / teacher and translator / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern C: Most of our friends we have in common 8 Japanese / female / counsellor / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern C: I don’t think it's absolutely necessary to have the same friends as your spouse.

Cultural Pattern D: none

Cultural Pattern D: We don't have any friends in common

9 American / male / university teacher / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern C: none

Cultural Pattern D: No, not truly if I'm being honest / I would not consider them "friends" in the traditional sense. In other words, I would not go out on my own with these people

Note: In the first printing of the book, there are errors in the numbers of the last two responses. “Response 9” should be “Response 8” and “Response 10” should be “Response 9”.



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