OSF8 Gform

OSF8 Gform

Suggested Answers for ONE STEP FURTHER Activities (Google Form)


Here are some example answers for the Google form.

1 Portuguese / female / lawyer / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: I tend to give long answers if I want to continue the conversation with that person / if I don't feel like continuing the conversation, I'm more likely to answer dryly and quickly, with an answer like “No, I don’t.” 2 Polish / female / homemaker / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: I speak about myself without being asked questions / I am pretty good at talking 3 French / female / translator and teacher / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: In my case I tend to give long answers 4 Japanese / female / publishing executive / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: If it's a friend from daycare, a neighbor, or someone with whom I want to have an ongoing relationship, I would try to give long answers. 5 Japanese / female / jewellery artisan / has lived in Australia Cultural Pattern A: in that culture, replying to a question with just “Yes” or “No” would seem a little too short and plain

Cultural Pattern B: none

Cultural Pattern B: Japanese people around me would rather ask questions than talk about themselves.

Cultural Pattern B: none

Cultural Pattern B: I try to maintain a proper distance by adjusting how much I talk about myself / I would probably give short answers, because I wouldn’t want to force them to talk.

Cultural Pattern B: in Japan, short answers seem preferable

6 Spanish / female / tour guide / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern C: I like to discover different points of view on a subject or a situation, even if I don't completely agree. It gives me a fresh perspective on the subjects in question.

Cultural Pattern D: they quickly clam up so as to say nothing that could go against my ideas.



7 French / male / assistant professor / has lived in the US and Japan Cultural Pattern C: mutual trust between us, and that entails being able to broach almost any topic. Cultural Pattern D: none 8 Japanese-French / female / biotechnology consultant / lives in France Cultural Pattern C:

Cultural Pattern D: In Japan, where I grew up, in conversation we avoid disagreeing with other people and are always looking for consensus. This leads to "agreeing" with what others say, even when we really don't.

In France, where I live now, disagreeing with someone doesn't necessarily frustrate them. It is simply part of the exchange, and an expression of the diversity of human experience.

9 Chinese / female / student / has lived in the US Cultural Pattern C: none

Cultural Pattern D: if in the course of a conversation we found we have different views, we would probably change the topic.



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