OSF9 Gform

OSF9 Gform

Suggested Answers for ONE STEP FURTHER Activities (Google Form)


Here are some example answers for the Google form.

1 French / female / accountant / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: hear my neighbor's child (who is about 6 years old) running and screaming around the house at 10 pm, sometimes even 11 pm 2 British / female / writer / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: the mother said, “No, no, it's okay!” / the person said, “No, no, I don't mind.” 3 Russian / female / housewife / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: I was impressed by the sense of warmth and nurturing 4 French / male / teacher / lives in the US Cultural Pattern A: Many American children interrupt their parents, and their parents let them, which I fnd very vexing.

Cultural Pattern B: I still hear my father's voice telling me to "sit up straight, don't put your elbows on the table". I feel like I've always been instructed in table manners

Cultural Pattern B: I said, “We don't jump on furniture.” / I said “I mind, it is rude and he can't do it.” I also don't let other people's kids help themselves to things from my fridge.

Cultural Pattern B: none

Cultural Pattern B: In France, if a child were to interrupt adults who were speaking together, the child would be scolded.

5 Chinese / male / manager / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern A: none

Cultural Pattern B: My parents set an academic standard for me. / it was not acceptable for my performance to dip below that line.



7 New Zealander / male / teacher / lives in Japan Cultural Pattern C: Just before we started eating, around 7pm, my friend took his 2 year-old daughter upstairs to her room, and I went with him. I saw him switching off the lights, telling her good night, and closing the door. 8 German / female / writer / has lived in the UK Cultural Pattern C: in order to develop a sense of independence. 9 Chinese / male / student / has lived in Japan Cultural Pattern C: none

Cultural Pattern D: My Japanese wife and I slept alongside our children for many years. We live in Japan, so it just seemed normal

Cultural Pattern D: none

Cultural Pattern D: someone right there to take care of them in case of any emergencies.



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